Home Energy Survey Parent Letter

Home Energy Survey Parent Letter Photo Credit: Clipart.com


You will conduct an energy survey of your home. Give this letter to your parents before doing this project.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are currently studying energy conservation. As part of this unit, students will be asked to complete a Home Energy Usage Survey. This assignment is designed to help students learn how energy is utilized in the household and how much that energy costs.

Students will analyze the results of the survey to identify areas in which household energy consumption is highest. They will then use this information to create a realistic conservation plan for the household.

Your child will require some assistance in completing the home survey. Please assist him/her in estimating a typical week’s energy usage in the areas listed. A general estimate will suffice. (It may be easiest to estimate one day’s usage and multiply by 7.) Costs for the week, month, and year will be calculated at school. Sharing a utility and/or heating bill with your child would help to further illustrate the energy costs associated with running a household.

Thank you for your cooperation with this activity. Please contact me should you have questions/concerns regarding this assignment. The survey will be due on _____________________.


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