Hive Detectives: Colony Collapse Disorder Student Sheet

Hive Detectives: Colony Collapse Disorder Student Sheet


In 2006, commercial beekeepers in the United States, such as Hackenberg Apiaries, started to find shockingly high numbers of abandoned hives. To this day, the causes for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) are unknown. What do we know about CCD and what kind of research is being done to understand this phenomena that is impacting our food supply?

Read pages 10–17 about Hackenberg Apiaries and their alarming experience with abandoned hives in 2006. Answer these questions based on your reading:

In 2006, how many of Dave’s bees vanished?


What are the characteristics of an abandoned beehive?


Next, you will work in a team to investigate one of the potential causes of CCD by looking at the work and research of one of the bee scientists described on pages 18–19. Working in your groups, research and answer these questions:

Briefly describe the work of your bee scientist and their specialization.


Describe the methods used by your bee scientist to study bees.


Through their research, what have they discovered and learned about CCD bees?


What are some things that are still unknown or unclear to them, based on their research?


Since this book was published, new ideas and theories explaining CCD have been presented. Do an online search to discover what has changed.


What should hive detectives and bee scientists do next?



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