Hippo Roller

Hippo Roller Photo Credit: Cecilia Snyder. Girls carrying water. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) via flickr


Discuss the Hippo Roller as a class using the questions below to start the conversation. Then write an essay following the directions at the bottom of this sheet.

discussion questions

Answer these questions based on what you learned from watching the Hippo Roller video and reading the case study.

How would you describe the Hippo Roller to a general audience?


How would you describe it to a technical or a scientific audience?


What problems does it solve?


What problems might it create?


For whom is it best suited?


What’s missing from its design, in your opinion?



Based on the classroom discussion of the above six questions pertaining to the Hippo Roller, write a persuasive summary for or against its use—or its needs for modification. Advocate for greater awareness of and financial support for developing a solution to the freshwater access problem by writing a five-paragraph essay about it.

It must have an introduction and a concluding paragraph summarizing your points. In addition to the class discussion points, use information from the Hippo Roller video that you watched and the materials on the Hippo Roller website. Other valid sources are most welcome!

Imagine you will use this essay to contact a mentor, local civic group, or aid group, asking to speak to them for five minutes to obtain funding support for a solution to the freshwater access problem—very possibly one you design as the next-generation solution.

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