Use the resources on the HeLa student esheet to help you answer the questions on this sheet.

Henrietta Lacks’ Immortal Cells

What differentiates HeLa cells from other human cells?




Henrietta’s doctor removed her cancer tissue during an autopsy and didn’t tell her family. Do you think he should have asked her family for permission and why?




How would you define informed consent?




If you go to the dermatologist and he or she removes a mole, what do you think is done with that tissue sample? What do you think about that?




How would you define bioethics?



Taking the Least of You

Who was Ted Slavin?




Why is he worth keeping track of?




According to the RAND report, how many tissue samples were on file in 1999?




What are these samples used for?




Who owns these tissue samples? Do individuals own their own tissue samples?




Who was John Moore? What was his significance?




According to Lori Andrews, what was the effect of the decision? Who seems to have the commercial value of the tissues?




What do you think about the question of property rights over an individual’s tissues? How would this affect medical research? Would it be too expensive, too unwieldy to manage?




What are the main issues involved in the Catalona case?




Why do you think this case has come about in the first place?




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