Heat Experiment

Heat Experiment


  • Beakers or glass baking cups (2)
  • Alcohol thermometers
  • Heat source: votive candles, small hot plates, or electric immersion heaters


  1. As a group, determine how much water to put in each beaker. Record this amount in the
  2. space provided on your student sheet.
  3. Place each beaker over a heating source, with each source set at the same temperature.
  4. Measure the temperature of the water in each beaker by using an alcohol thermometer.
  5. Record the start temperature.
  6. Heat each beaker for the same amount of time. Record that time on your student sheet.
  7. Then, record the final temperature for each beaker of water.
  8. Once you have completed this experiment, try varying your experiment by trying different
  9. temperatures, different amounts of water, etc.
  Beaker One Beaker Two
Amount of Water    
Heating Time    
Start Temperature    
End Temperature    

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