Grow! Raise! Catch!

Grow! Raise! Catch!


You just finished reading Grow! Raise! Catch! How We Get Our Food by Shelley Rotner and got to see a little bit of the process of how our favorite foods get to our table. Now, you will investigate the process of how people get one of your favorite foods and create a poster or brochure to show the results of your research.

Favorite Food Research

Pick a food you love, like strawberries or fish. Your teacher can help you think of a food that is natural (like a tomato) and does not come in a package (like tomato sauce). For this food, answer these questions:


1. HOW is this food obtained? Is it grown, raised, or caught?


2. WHERE does this food come from? What region and climate does it require?


3. WHO grows, raises, or catches this food?


4. WHEN is this food harvested? WHY is it harvested at this time of year?


5. WHAT is this food used for?



Create a poster or a brochure that answers these questions. If you create a brochure, it should have 5 pages: 1 for each of the 5 questions. If you create a poster, it should have 5 headings. For each heading, include one drawing or photo.


Below is a sample of what you might put in each section:




Strawberries are grown. They start as seeds and grow from the ground in plants. 


In the United States, most strawberries are grown in California, with some also grown in Florida. Stawberries require warmer climates where temperatures generally range from 60 to 80 degress Fahrenheit. 


Strawberry farmers grow and harvest strawberries.


Strawberries are ready to be harvested in warmer temperatures, around late spring and early summer.


Strawberries are delicious eaten straight from the plant! Also, they can be used to make strawberry jam, ice cream, and pie! 

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