Green Corps

Green Corps


Update to True Green Kids Book

In this activity, you will describe an item you made from recyclables as an “update” to the True Green Kids book.


  • 8.5” x 11” recycled paper
  • Markers and crayons


  1. On the cover, p.1, draw a logo of the Green Corps and the name you chose.
  2. On the inside, write a centered title describing something you made from the recyclables that you fished out of the Fish Pond. (e.g., “Bulldozer Toy”)
  3. Under it, across the two-page spread, write: “Sometimes it is possible to use the materials that are thrown away to make new products. The supply of many resources is limited. If used, resources can be extended through recycling and decreased use.”
  4. Write and/or draw on p. 2 what the product once was (a milk carton) and on p. 3 what it became (a bulldozer cab.)
  5. On the back, p. 4, write a short letter to the authors answering these two questions: “Why did you like the book? How will you use this information in your everyday life?”
  6. At the bottom, sign your name, date, teacher, school, and © Green Corps Kids 200x.

Assess Classmate’s New Creation

After you and your classmates have created your updates, you should report on another student’s work, interviewing him/her preferably.


  1. Use the next page of this student sheet, which is divided into four sections.
  2. Write these words, one in each of the four sections: What? How? Why? Who?
  3. Now, interview your classmate to answer:
  • What the project is
  • How they made it
  • What the problem is they are trying to make better
  • Who is affected by these actions


Then give them a big thumbs up for tackling an important problem!


















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