Grant Application

Grant Application


Use this sheet to apply for grant funding in order to conduct this study in another class to get more data.

Grant Application for Time Away from Class to Go to Another Class Room to Conduct A Fungiform Papillae Census As Part of a Study on Taste Abilities of Kids In Our School.

Signed Consent:__________________________________________(host teacher)

Signed Consent:__________________________________________(base teacher)

  1. What is your research question? Hint: It starts with a question word, such as “how.”

  2. What theory is your research question investigating?

  3.  What forms of evidence will you use as data to help you answer your question?

  4.  How will you get that data?

  5. How will you communicate the results of your experiment so that many people will benefit from the knowledge you produce?

  6. How much time do you need to conduct your experiment?

  7. How many people do you need to assist you in conducting the experiment, tallying results, interpreting and communicating results?

  8. Make a checklist of the following steps you must complete as a condition of receiving this grant: Get permission to go to another class; assemble materials needed; go to new class and be a peer teacher about taste; demonstrate Blue Tongue method on my partner; have kids in new class help count fungiform papillae of my partner’s tongue; supervise as they pair up and do the test on their partners; help tally results; compare to our class’ results; interpret results by looking for super tasters, tasters, and non tasters; draw conclusions; communicate results; thank funding agency.

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