Grand Designs and Great Failures

Grand Designs and Great Failures


This activity utilizes Web resources from two countries and from varied historical periods to help you learn about the design and fate of two ships from different eras. Use this sheet to help you gather information on the design and fate of each ship.

Who built this ship? What was the purpose of the ship?



When and where was it built?



What were some of the new innovations in ship design that were built into this ship?



If possible, discuss how the new ship was tested before sailing.



What happened to this ship on its maiden (first) voyage? Describe in detail why it sank. Refer to the hull, keel, and ribs, as needed.



Explain how the load line was exceeded in this ship.



If a new ship were to be built based on the Titanic or Vasa, what suggestions would you make to the designers to avoid the problems that caused those ships to sink?



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