Grain Group Question Sheet

Grain Group Question Sheet


Use the resources about the food group you've been assigned to help you answer the questions on this sheet.

Use the Grains (Orange) section of MyPlate (http://www.choosemyplate.gov/grains) to find answers to these questions. You should read the opening page and then the “What counts as an ounce?”

1. Half of the grains you eat should be _____________ grains. How many ounces of these should a teen have daily? _____________

2. Grains are divided into two groups: __________ ____________ and ____________ ____________.

3. List three examples of grain products.
a. __________________b. __________________ c._______________

4.____________ grains contain the entire grain kernel. Give two examples.
a. ___________________ b. ___________________

5._____________ grains have been milled to remove the bran and germ. This improves their _______ life.

Give two examples of this grain.
a. _________________________ b. _________________________

Next, go to “How much is needed?”

6. Find the chart and copy your daily recommendation of grain for your age. Include both parts.
Girls ___________________ Boys ______________________

Click on “Health Benefits and Nutrients.”

7. Give two benefits of eating grains.
a. _________________________________________________________
b. _________________________________________________________

8. Grains are sources of what nutrients?


Click on “Tips to help you eat whole grains.”

9. What are some tips for eating whole grains?


Be prepared in class to summarize the Grains food group by defining it, giving examples, and telling the daily recommendation for your age of grain products.

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