Germs and the Body

Germs and the Body


If germs are able to get inside the body, they may keep it from working properly.This activity explores germs, where they exist, and how they can affect the body.

Bacteria in the Cafeteria

Where can bacteria be found? 


How does bacteria help the human body?


How can bacteria infect the body and interfere with normal ody functions?


How do you think too much bacteria (or other substances) in the soil, air, or water could affect humans? Explain.


Are there other ways that viruses or bacteria infect (get into) the body?



What are Germs?

What are some things germs can cause?


What are the four major types of germs?


How do good bacteria help us?


How do germs affect the body?


Do you think you can prevent germs from getting into the body?



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