Genetic Variation for a Human Trait Project Sheet

Genetic Variation for a Human Trait Project Sheet Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Use the Internet and other sources to research your assigned trait in terms of human variation across the globe and compile the information using the questions below. You can print out this page or use your lab notebook, per your teacher's instructions.

Human Trait

1. Name the human trait you have chosen to explore.


2. How is this trait passed on and inherited?


3. Describe the variations found for this trait.


4. How might variations of this trait offer advantages for survival? Alternatively, what disadvantages might variations confer?


5. How does this trait interact with the environment to effect its expression in people who carry the trait?


6. Describe the pattern of variation for this particular trait in humans across the globe.


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Source for photo image and caption provided (if any) at the source:

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