Frogs: The Thin Green Line

Frogs: The Thin Green Line


Use this sheet to learn how amphibians, including frogs, are the most threatened group of vertebrates on the planet with many species rapidly disappearing. They are called indicator species, meaning their disappearance might be an early warning sign about unknown environmental problems.

After watching “Frogs: The Thin Green Line”, and reading/reviewing The Frog Scientist, answer these questions. Your will discuss your answers in class.

Describe the ecological problem that concerns Tyrone Hayes and identify the possible causes for the problem.



What do you think Tyrone Hayes means when he says “I like the science, I like solving the puzzle, I like the CSI”?



What percent of U.S. agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.) come from California?



What is California referred to because of its agricultural production?



What chemical does California use on its farms more than every other state in the U.S.?



Where do much of the pesticides end up?



What can happen in a river that has fertilizer run-off and what does it indicate?



According to Dr. Hayes, what major health problem did the frogs in the river have?



What does Tyrone Hayes mention as the cause of the decline of the native red-legged frog?



What is another name for non-native or introduced species that take over a habitat? 



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