Ch. 5: Freezing Crows Reading Guide

Ch. 5: Freezing Crows Reading Guide


The "Freezing Crows" chapter explores the idea of de-extinction by using the DNA found in frozen tissue collections and tells the story of the conservation efforts to save the Hawaiian crow that is now extinct.  Use the resources on the Resurrection Science student esheet and read Ch. 5 in the book to help answer the questions on this sheet.

Key Terms

  • Frozen Zoo
  • De-extinction
  • Captive breeding


1. In your own words, explain the dilemma in this chapter.


2. What was the most interesting thing you discovered in this chapter?


3. What was confusing?


4. The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) has one of the world’s largest cryogenically frozen tissue sample collections. What is the purpose of freezing tissue samples?


5. What is the Frozen Zoo? What is its goal?


6. Give a brief history of the ‘alalā or Hawaiian crow. How did the population become threatened and then extinct?   


7. What were the issues when trying to introduce captive birds into the wild?


8. Research any additional information out there on the Hawaiian crows. What efforts are being made to reintroduce them back into the wild? 



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