From Fossils to Facts Answer Key

From Fossils to Facts Answer Key Photo Credit: Clipart.com


This is the answer key for the From Fossils to Fact activity sheet, part of the Fossils 2: Uncovering the Facts lesson.

Fact: Slow in Movement
Support: The bones show they had short legs, and can be compared to similar animal legs
that are alive today.

Fact: Is a Ceratopian dinosaur
Support: There is a hump on the dinosaur’s skull.

Fact: Probably a herbivore
Support: The shape of the teeth is just right for slicing the skin of plants.

Fact: Probably buried in a sand avalanche
Support: No other animals had eaten him. If he had not been buried, other carnivores would
have eaten him.

Fact: Is a fossil
Support: Water surrounded the bones and minerals in the water replaced parts of the bones.

Fact: The size of a large pig
Support: By looking at the structure of the bones, Paleontologists can compare it to a living
organism's structure.

Fact: There are 2 different types of Protoceratops skulls
Support: One has a low face and inclined frill, and the other has a deeper snout with a small
horn-like bump above the nose and a more vertical frill.

This teacher sheet is a part of the Fossils 2: Uncovering the Facts lesson.

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