Food Chains

Food Chains


You have been talking about April Pulley Sayre and the books she has written about food chains. Now is your chance to review the food chain by using an online resource and a hands-on activity.

Food Chains: Online

What are food chains?



What are producers and where do they get their energy?



What are consumers?



What are predators and prey?



Food Chain diagram

Use this space to draw a diagram of a food chain.

Food Chain Canopy


  • Strips of construction paper in these colors: green, blue, red

  • Glue sticks

  • Pictures of plants and animals


  1. Glue the pictures of plants or animals onto the appropriate color of construction paper: green for plants, blue for insects, red for trout or vultures.

  2. Link the pieces of construction paper together to form a food chain using a stapler.

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