Five-Minute Ice Cream

Five-Minute Ice Cream


The purpose of this experiment is to take a few ingredients to make ice cream and learn how this process occurs. Although this may look simple, the ingredients and procedure is essential to making the right creamy solid texture of ice cream.

Pre-lab Questions
These questions are to be completed before the set-up of the experiment. Please read over the recipe and the How Did That Happen? section (p. 49) found in the Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science book to help answer these questions.

What are the three main components of ice cream? Which property of the ice cream does each contribute to?



Which ingredient forms crystals? How did the crystals form?



Which state of water, liquid or solid, is less dense (meaning it can float)? Why do you think that is?



What is the importance of adding the salt to the bag of ice?



Post-lab Questions
In your own words, explain what is happening to the ice cream ingredients as they are being shaken.



What is the importance of shaking the bag? What would happen to the state of the ice cream if you left out the shaking step?



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