Fish Tricks

Fish Tricks


You have been learning about the ways—or the tricks—different fish use to live in the various environments found under water. Now is your chance to learn more about these tricks and how the tricks fish use to survive compare to humans.

Venn Diagram

You should receive an index card from your teacher with some fish tricks listed on it. Working with your group, you should read the passages in the book that correspond to those tricks. Then create a Venn diagram for each trick listed on the index card.

You can create your Venn diagram on a poster board or colored paper. As you work on your Venn diagram, you can use drawings or other images to help explain the similarities and differences.

As you work on your diagram, you can consult the expectations on the Venn Diagram Rubric your teacher has given you to make sure that you are including everything you should.


Once you finish your Venn diagrams, your teacher will ask you to present one of the tricks to the class. So, as you work on the diagram, think about what you want to say about it and what you learned about fish tricks by working on it.

These questions can help you organize your thoughts:

What trick did you learn about?


How does this trick help the fish survive?


Are there any similarities between this trick and a trick used by another fish? What are they?


Are they any differences between this trick and a trick used by another fish? What are they?



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