Field Journal

Field Journal

Make a Field Journal
A field notebook can be made by stapling printed copies of the second page of this student sheet together and clipping the packet to a clipboard for ease of writing in the field.

Alternatively, you may construct field guides using cardboard, printed copies of the field journal sheets, duct tape, and string. Cut two pieces of cardboard for each field journal (approximate dimensions: 10” by 12”), which will be the front and back covers. Three-hole punch the field journal sheets and the back coverPlace the field journal sheets on top of the back cover and bind together with string. Connect the front and back covers using a strip of duct tape. Punch a single hole in the middle, right-hand side of the front and back covers; attach string to tie the covers closed when not in use. Write your name and any other important information on the front cover. You may decorate the cover if time permits.









Field Journal
Complete one sheet for each plant you identify.



Common Name:

Family Name:

Plant Description:



Flower Color



Other features

After recording information about the plant, sketch the plant and include leaves, flowers, and stems.



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