Use the resources on the Feathers student esheet as well as Feathers: The Evolution of a Natural Miracle to answer the questions on this sheet and complete the chart.

Key Concept

Defined by Listening

Defined by Reading

Defined by Reading

1.Miracle of feathers










2. Name four feather functions.










3. Briefly summarize the Ground-up Theory of Flight and relate it to the experiment a Montana University professor conducted to see how ground-nesting birds learn to fly. Hint: What do baby birds have in common with a Formula 1 Race Car?








4. What was the traditional view of how feathers evolved?










5. What is the focus of the modern theory of the evolution of feathers?











6. What do Las Vegas dancers have in common with birds? Hint: Think "swish"









7. Feathers serve important roles in the lives and survival of birds. Name three roles feathers have played in human cultures of the world.








8. Define archaeopteryx.










9 Define Sinosauropteryx.








10. Who are Rick Prum and Xu Xing and why are they important?













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