Faster, Higher, Smarter Teacher Sheet

Faster, Higher, Smarter Teacher Sheet
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Sports and athletic competition are often areas of interest to students. This lesson draws upon that intrinsic interest in sports to teach the physics concepts of energy types and energy conversion. Students will participate in a table top sports game against other students. This sheet provides information for setting up the game.

Table Top Soccer Game


  • Shoe boxes (women's size 7 works well)—enough to build playing fields for each team
  • Tops of paper boxes
  • Soccer players (download PDF)
  • Craft sticks
  • Ping-pong balls (or something similar)
  • 1" x 6" wood boards (1" thick by 6" wide - length can vary)
  • Screws
  • Rubber bands
  • Foam core
  • Tape
  • C-clamps


To begin, you will need to build multiple copies of the tabletop game. Construct each playing field to look like the picture. Open one end of a paper box lid as shown. This will be the playing surface. Tape the shoe box to the opposite end. This will be the goal. Cut a hole in the top of the shoe box.

To build the shooting mechanism, take a 1" x 6" board (the board should be 1" thick by 6" wide) and cut it to 5" long. Put two 1" screws in the corners of the board ¾ of an inch from the front and sides of the board. Stretch a rubber band across the screws. Tie a string around the center of the rubber band as a way to pull the rubber band back for shooting the ball.

Clamp the shooting mechanism to the open front of the playing field box. The game is now ready to play.


For the players, cut them out separately from the PDF and then mount both players on foam core. On one player, tape or glue a craft stick behind the player so that it can stick through the shoe box. This player will be the goalie. On the other player, glue a triangular piece of foam core as a stand to support the player. This will be an offensive player.


This teacher sheet is a part of the Faster Higher Smarter lesson.

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