Factors that Disrupt Cell Communication

Factors that Disrupt Cell Communication Red Blood Cells
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You should use the resources about the factors that disrupt cell communication on the Cell Communication student esheet to help you answer the questions on this student sheet.

neural communication

Neuroscience for Kids
What is the chemical name for heroin?



From which plant is heroin made? In what parts of the world is this plant found?



Heroin is a member of what general class of drugs?



The receptors for heroin and other members of this class of drugs are located on neurons of parts of the brain. What aspects of human life do these parts of the brain control?



What are endorphins? When are they released?



Briefly state the history of opium use.



What other drugs besides heroin are produced from the opium plant?



In what year was the manufacture and possession of heroin made illegal in the United States?



What are some long- and short-term effects of heroin use?



Heroin and other opiates interfere mostly with what neurotransmitter in the brain?



Hormonal Communication

Treatment Defeats Phony Hormones
How have animals been affected by endocrine disruptor chemicals spilled by humans?



Describe the four types of endocrine disruptors with molecular structures similar to that of hormones.



Why are small doses of endocrine disruptors so dangerous to animals?



Describe the three ways endocrine disruptors can interfere with normal hormonal signaling.



What is DDT?



How did DDT affect hormonal signaling in eagles and peregrine falcons?



How has the eagle population fared since DDT use was banned?



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