Extracting Mummy DNA: Group 2

Extracting Mummy DNA: Group 2 Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Go to the Mystery of the Pharaohs website, read the section below, and answer the following questions. Then working with your group, use the answers to prepare a brief presentation to the class about how DNA is extracted from mummies and what can be learned from doing so.

Section to read: Extracting Mummy DNA

  1. Why is it difficult to extract DNA from mummies?

  2. What do scientists hope to learn from collecting DNA evidence and analyzing it?

  3. Describe the careful precautions taken in Dr. Woodward’s lab to ensure that the
    samples are not contaminated. Why is this important?

  4. Why are Egyptian mummies particularly good for extracting DNA evidence?

  5. What do scientists do to increase the amount of a small DNA sample so that it can be
    more easily read?

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