Extracting DNA

Extracting DNA Image Credit: National Human Genome Research Institute


In this lesson, you will learn about DNA, genes, chromosomes, the chemicals that make up DNA, etc. Use the resources on your Extracting DNA student esheet to help you learn about these things and to answer the questions on this student sheet.

What is DNA?

What is DNA?


In what form does DNA come? What makes up the rungs of the double helix?


What do genes do?


Where is DNA?


What are chromosomes made of?


What are some things you think DNA determines?



Tour of the Basics/build a dna molecule

What do chromosomes look like and how are pairs identified?

When you built the DNA strand in the What is DNA? section, what did you notice?

How do we inherit characteristics from our parents?

Describe transcription.

Describe translation.

What roll do proteins play in an organism? 

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