Evidence Found at the Crime Scene

Evidence Found at the Crime Scene


This sheet provides the QR codes that students will need to solve the crime. There is a code for the fingerprint of the person who committed the crime, his/her hair sample, and a fabric sample left behind. Before the students do the activity, place each code around the classroom for students to find and decipher.

Here are the QR codes for the evidence left at the scene of the crime. (You can print this page and then cut out the codes or right-click on the images to save them to your own computer to adjust the size.) The loop pattern fingerprint, the black hair, and the yellow threads point to the football quarterback as the likely suspect.

Make sure students can use the QR app to read the codes. Remind them that all three pieces of evidence must match the descriptions of the suspects. Note that both the football coach and the quarterback have the loop-shaped fingerprint. Students can tell that it was the quarterback who committed the crime because of the hair and fabric strands, which match his description. Also, students should be aware that even though everyone thought the coach did it, he turned out to be innocent. It is important to keep an open mind so that the evidence can be evaluated objectively.

 Fiber Strands





This teacher sheet is a part of the Using QR Codes in Forensic Science lesson.

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