Energy Sources and Use

Energy Sources and Use


In this part of the lesson, you should conduct some more research on energy sources and use, but this time you should conduct research on a different part of the country. Be sure to research a part of the country that has a climate different from the one in which you live.

Use the resource found in the Understanding What You Learned section of the Plugging into Energy student esheet to answer these questions.

Name of State


Energy Source

What are the important facts about the state’s energy production?



Which types of energy does it generate?



Which is its most important source of energy?



Does the state have any energy sources inside the state? If so, which ones?



Does the state have to import any fuels? If so, which ones?



What is the state’s potential for producing renewable energy?



Energy Consumption

How many BTUs of each type of energy—natural gas, petroleum, nuclear fuel, hydroelectric, and biomass—did the state consume in 2004?



How much total energy did it consume?



What end-use sector consumed the most energy?



What end-use sector consumed the least energy?



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