Energy Resources and Trade-Offs

Energy Resources and Trade-Offs


Use the resources on the Energy Resources and Trade-Offs student E-Sheet to answer the questions on this sheet.


What energy sources does electricity come from?



Is electricity easy to move around? Why?



Once electricity gets to its destination (likely someone’s house), what kinds of work and devices use electricity?



Do you think certain primary sources of energy used to make electricity harm the environment?



If you were to run a power plant that made electricity, what primary source of energy would you use?



Power Up!

Is it possible to power up a city and not harm the environment?



Do you think the trade-off of harming the environment is worth buying less expensive power plants?



Are there other trade-offs that you noticed when investing in power plants for your city?



Who do these trade-offs affect? You personally, the city as a whole, or people beyond the city?



What if you changed the trade-off, for instance, spent more money to do less harm to the environment, OR did more harm to the environment to have cheaper utility rates? What would the outcomes be?



Are the outcomes of your decisions for powering up a city all good?


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