Endangered Means There’s Still Time – Knowledge Survey

Endangered Means There’s Still Time – Knowledge Survey © 2011 Clipart.com


You have just watched the Endangered Means There's Still Time slide presentation about the endangered species problem, causes, and efforts. You should now answer these questions based on what you learned from the presentation.

Answer the following questions about endangered species.
1. What does “endangered” mean?



2. What are three examples of endangered species? How did each of them become endangered?



3. What is the main reason most species become endangered? What are some other reasons?



4. What are two examples of species that are endangered because something in their ecosystem
was disturbed?



5. Name two ways that wildlife biologists are working to save endangered species.



6. What are two species that are success stories brought back from the brink of extinction?



7. What is an ecosystem?



8. What can happen if one species becomes extinct?



9. What are some of the provisions of the Endangered Species Act (ESA)?



10. How can you help?

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