El Niño Storyboard

El Niño Storyboard


Now that you've learned more about El Niño, use that information to create a storyboard to help explain the natural phenomon to other people. Use the resources on your El Niño student esheet to help you create the storyboard.

Storyboard Directions

  1. Choose the angle of your story
    • What is the focus of your story?
  2. Think about your audience and who the information is for.
  3. Write down ideas of images you want to use on your poster to help convey information about El Niño. (You can use the table below to help you organize your ideas.)
    • Think about images that you can help you tell the story of  El Niño.
    • Think about what images would make good individual "scenes" on the storyboard.
  4. Transform your ideas onto a storyboard.
Key Ideas Visual Representation






















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