Egg Experiment Teacher Sheet

Egg Experiment Teacher Sheet


This sheet has instructions for the egg experiment.


  • Six large chicken eggs
  • Scissors
  • A cup
  • 3-4 heavy books (encyclopedias or dictionaries)
  • Masking tape


Before the day of this activity:

  1. Cut the end off of each egg and empty the yolk in a cup.
  2. Wash out the inside of the eggs and let them dry.
  3. Cut the edges of the holes with scissors and cover them with masking tape.

The day of the activity:

  1. Arrange eggshells in a square.
  2. Show students the eggs and ask them the questions from the lesson.
  3. Once students have formed their hypotheses, draw students’ attention back to the front of the class where you’ve arranged the eggs.
  4. Put one heavy book on top.
  5. At this point, ask students if they would like to change their guess, while showing them that there are still more books to put on the eggs. Most students will want to change their guess. Explain that this is what an experiment is: to make a guess about something, to try out something new, and to change the guess if you need to.


The eggshells do not break.


The arc-like shape of the egg helps support the weight of the books. The shape of the egg is the reason it doesn’t break when a bird sits on it.

This teacher sheet is a part of the Big Egg Mystery lesson.

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