Dinosaur Eggs Discovered!

Dinosaur Eggs Discovered!


This lesson uses a book called Dinosaur Eggs Discovered! Unscrambling the Cluesto help you learn about how scientists investigate questions using their observations, technology, creativity, and each other. Your team’s assignment is to answer one question about the Patagonian fossil dinosaur eggs found in 1997 by three paleontologists.

What do you know?
To guide your research, answer these questions:

  • What question is your team investigating?


  • What do you know about the dinosaur eggs so far based on reading the first chapter and your class discussion? Fill out the chart with your observations. As a scientist, you should be as detailed as possible!


Team members:


Discovery date:


Discovery location:


Egg color and texture:


Approximate size of complete egg (in. and cm.)


Type of rock layers around eggs:


Other notes:





Researching Your Question
Read the chapter associated with your question. You and your team members will explain to the rest of your classmates how the scientists answered the question. You also can use the resources on the Dinosaur Eggs Discovered! student esheet for your research. Use these questions to guide your notes and presentation.

  • What possible answers did the scientists suggest?


  • How did they go about testing their hypotheses?


  • What technology did they use?


  • Explain how the scientists collected their data.


  • What did the data reveal?


  • What was the final conclusion to the scientists’ question?


  • Are the scientists 100% sure of their answer? Are other answers possible? Explain why.


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