Designing a Wildflower Garden

Designing a Wildflower Garden


Your assignment is to design a wildflower garden that is appropriate for the region assigned to you. While designing your garden, keep notes as to the decisions you make because you may need to cite reasons for your choices in the design and justify your decisions.

Requirements for Wildflower Garden

Each garden should:

  • Bloom for a specified period of time
  • Have a mixture of plants for sun and shade (there’s a tree in the garden)
  • Have plants of all different heights
  • Plants must be compatible (e.g., they need to thrive in the same conditions)
  • Have a color scheme (can be anything you want you just have to be able to explain it)


For each plant that is chosen, specify:

  • Plant common name
  • Plant height
  • Blooming period
  • Growing time
  • Suggested growing area
  • Optimum soil temperature


Use your Wildflower Garden student esheet to go to and read through some websites that will help you answer the questions on this student sheet and design your wildflower garden.

Region: ________________________________________________________________


Common Name


Blooming Period

Growing Time

Suggested Growing Area

Optimum Soil Temperature





































Questions to Answer During and After You Design Your Garden
1. What kinds of tools are needed to plant a wildflower garden?



2. What is the best soil for the wildflower garden you have chosen?



3. What are the necessities for successful plant growing in your garden soil?

a. light/darkness
b. wet/dry
c. hot/cold
d. nutrients/neglect
e. space

4. What is the germination time, the sowing depth, and planting success of the wildflowers you have chosen?



5. What is the blooming period?



6. Where are the best places for growing the wildflowers you have chosen, i.e., fields, gardens, roadsides?



7. What, if any, are the potential design failures of your garden?



8. What weather conditions could adversely affect any wildflower garden, regardless of geographic area?



Presenting Your Work
Your group will present its wildflower garden to the class. Use a poster with a diagrammed layout describing the flowers used, with a discussion covering the points listed above. Alternatively, the same task can be done using a collage of cut-out flowers from magazines such as Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Mid-West Living, and Martha Stewart Living.


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