De-Extinction Writing Assignment

De-Extinction Writing Assignment


De-extinction brings up many ethical questions on what it could mean for future conservation efforts. Is it ethical for human kind to resurrect extinct animals?  This assignment will help you explore these questions further.

M.R. O’Connor addresses a few key points in her interview that will help to answer the questions.  Also read the introduction to Resurrection Science, the articles below, and appropriate chapters. Pick one of the questions below to answer using the resources available. Follow the writing guidelines set by your teacher. Please do your own work!

Additional reading:

Woolly Mammoth on Verge of Resurrection, Scientists Reveal 

Should We Bring Extinct Species Back from the Dead?

Bringing Extinct Species Back From the Dead Could Hurt—Not Help—Conservation Efforts

Pick one of these writing topics:

  1. Do you think a genetically modified organism born in a laboratory will share the same essence of the previous living organism?
  2. Is it ethical to bring back an extinct organism and introduce it into the wild again?
  3. In a human-run world, is it only right to save organisms that provide some value or benefit to humans?
  4. Should we let natural processes of extinction take their course and instead focus our effort on preventing future extinctions rather than resurrecting extinct animals?
  5. What criteria would an animal have to have to be the best candidate for de-extinction? 

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