Data Analysis

Data Analysis


Use this sheet and examples you see in Ricky’s Atlas to help you analyze the data that you collected from your transects.

Now that you have collected data for your transect(s), analysis of what was found along them is the next step. One important part of analysis is usually to look for patterns in data. In Ricky’s Atlas, there are a number of patterns you could use as examples. Look at the pattern of wildfire activity on page 27. Look at the calculated pattern between seeing lightning and hearing thunder (page 37). Finally, look at the pattern in rainfall from one side of the mountains to the other (pages 48-49). This is an important pattern to find because in this drawing you can see the difference in rainfall over a long transect across the mountains. You will also notice that the patterns can be seen in drawings or diagrams.

In the space below, write down any patterns in the data you have collected. Maybe you could use a drawing to show any patterns you find. Maybe a graph could be used to identify patterns in your data.
















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