Cycle of Life 1

Cycle of Life 1


Use the resources on the Cycle of Life 1 student esheet to answer the questions on this student sheet.

Cycle of Life 1 Esheet

Food Chains

Chain Reaction

  1. Are plants always at the bottom of the food chain?
  2. You learned that plants are considered producers in a food chain and animals are considered consumers. What is the difference between these roles?
  3. How do plants or producers make their own food?
  4. What is photosynthesis?
  5. How do plants grow? How do animals grow?
  6. What is the source of energy for plants?
  7. What are the sources of energy and thus growth for animals?
  8. Food chains almost always start with ___________________________________?
  9. What is a food chain?
  10. What is the importance of a food chain?
  11. Observe the following food chain:

     plant plankton → crawdads → little fish → big fish → bears
    a. What would happen if the bears were extinct?
    b. What would happen if all the shrimp were removed from the lake?
  12. If you take one item out of a food chain, how does this affect all other plants or animals in a food chain?
  13. What is a food web?
  14. What four major elements compose a food web?
  15. Can humans cause an imbalance in the food chain?
  16. Are people herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?
  17. What is important about decomposers, such as bacteria and fungi?
  18. What would happen if the sun didn’t exist?

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