Creating a Group

Creating a Group


In this activity you will reflect on groups to which you currently belong and then create a group of our own. The questions below will guide your reflection.

Part 1
Use the questions below to help you talk about the groups you belong to, groups that are part of school, outside of school, even online groups. For example, these can be school clubs, art clubs, music, sports teams, religious groups, interest groups, volunteer groups, and community-service groups.

  1. What are the things that bind the group members together in their chosen groups and in the different groups of their peers?
  2. Were these groups you were born into or your family belongs to?
  3. What made you join the groups in the first place?
  4. What do you get out of being in the groups?
  5. What are the benefits and what are the risks, if any?
  6. Does belonging to the groups require costumes or uniforms?
  7. Are there leaders for each group? How are they chosen?
  8. Are the members of the groups the same age?
  9. Does your choice of group affiliation reflect who you are as an individual?
  10. Can we assume that the behavior of members of the groups represent each individual?

Part 2
Now you will construct a totally new group. You also will identify some of the risks and benefits of belonging to that group. To help you do this, refer back to the chart or categories you created in your initial brainstorm session. Answer each of these questions about your group.

  1. How big is the group?
  2. What does the group tell us about the identity of its members?
  3. How easy or hard is it to drop out of the group, or join if one is slightly different?
  4. Is the group open to anyone who wants to join?
  5. Does the group offer protection against outside threats or discrimination?
  6. What are the main activities of the group?
  7. How do you pick a group leader?
  8. Does membership confer specialness to its members?
  9. How does your new group relate to groups you already belong to?

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