Comparing Species through the Fossil Record

Comparing Species through the Fossil Record


Writing Assignment:
Imagine that you are out in the field assisting on a fossil dig. Create a journal that describes a discovery you made of an early hominid fossil. Use these sites to “find” your fossil and gather information about it.


Human Evolution: You Try It

National Geographic Outpost

Entry One
You and your co-diggers have made your find. Describe what it looks like; what you believe the fossil is; and what evidence you have for this. Be as specific as you can.


Entry Two
Back at the lab, you and your coworkers compare the fossil to other hominid species. Describe why this fossil does not belong to the species before it or after it in the evolutionary timeline. That is, describe how the species are distinctly different in terms of physical features.


Entry Three
Provide your thoughts on why it’s important for scientists to look for and understand the differences in physical features between species. What do these differences allow scientists to understand about the species?

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