Communication Puzzle

Communication Puzzle Photo credit: Clipart.com


Using poster board and colored markers, make two identical jigsaw puzzles in which the pieces are the following different colored geometrical shapes. Cut out the puzzle pieces and put each set of pieces into a plastic bag. You can use the shape below as a guide for making your puzzles.


How to play:
Organize students into three groups:

Group A (3 students)
Group B (3 students)
Group C (rest of class)

  • Group A will sit with their backs to Group B. Group C will face Group A.
  • Give Group A the solved (assembled) puzzle. Give Group B the unsolved (unassembled) puzzle.
  • Group A’s mission will be to communicate to Group B how to put the puzzle together in order to solve it. (For example: Group A will tell Group B, “Pick up the purple, triangular-shaped piece and put it up in the left top corner.”)
  • Members of Group A and Group B may not look at each other.
  • Group A members may give instructions orally or they may write them down and pass them to Group B.
  • Group A may not tell Group B the final solution for the puzzle.
  • Group C’s job is to observe what is happening and to give suggestions to Group A as to how to communicate better with Group B.

Establish a time limit of 15 to 20 minutes for the solution of the puzzle.

This teacher sheet is a part of the Animal Communication lesson.

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