Classify It

Classify It


You probably know that organisms that be sorted—or classified—into different groups based on their physical characteristics. But, did you know that an organism can be classified in more than one way? Use the resources on the Classify It student esheet to help you answer the questions on this sheet and learn more about classification.

Kingdoms of Life

Why do scientists care about what kingdom an organism would belong to?



What are the five kingdoms discussed in this video?



What is an animal?



What is a plant?



What are fungi?



What are protists?



What are bacteria?



Do you think organisms always fit neatly into these kingdoms? Why or why not?




Classify It

What characteristics did you consider to help you classify the organisms?



Did some of the organisms fit into more than one category?



Why do you think some organisms would fit into more than one category?



Did you learn anything new about organisms as you went through this game? If so, what?




Creature Card Classification

Work with your group to classify the organisms featured in the Creature Cards you collected.











































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