Citizen Scientists Report

Citizen Scientists Report


This lesson is based around the book Citizen Scientists: Be a Part of Scientific Discovery from Your Own Backyard by Loree Griffin Burns. Choose one of the citizen science projects found in the book (butterflies, frogs, birds, or lady bugs) and answer the questions below. Your answers to these questions will help you do a report on the project.

Name of the project: ________________________________

1. What is the purpose of the scientific investigation?


2. Where is the research conducted?


3. With which organization or organizations do the citizen scientists work?


4. What role do the citizen scientists play in the research?


5. What are some of the methods used in the research?


6. What has been learned by the research?


7. How have environmental changes affected the animals and/or their populations?


8. How do computers and the Internet help scientists share the data and communicate results to the public?


9. Why is it important that everyone have access to scientific information?


10. How might people in other countries use the data published by U.S. scientists?


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