Circle Story Teacher Sheet

Circle Story Teacher Sheet


As part of the motivation for this lesson, students watch the video, and then retell the story in a circle as a class—going around two times if you like to practice the story and understand the organization of the bird's life cycle. Student #1 reads a statement, and turns to Student #2, prompting him or her to complete the sentence with a word or phrase—or asking for help. Then Student #2 reads Sentence #2 and turns to Student #3 to complete it. Students should repeat this process, reading a sentence and asking a student to complete it until all of the sentences have been completed.

  1. High up in the redwood trees there lives a mysterious bird called a Marbled Murrelet.
  2. The adult Marbled Murrelet lives in the sea.
  3. In the sea, it eats fish, which it catches by diving under water. It moves through the water by swimming with its wings.
  4. Baby Marbled Murrelets spend their first month of life in a tree, 300 feet above ground.
  5. While they are there, they eat fish.
  6. They get fish from their parents.
  7. The parents fly to the ocean, dive in, and bring fish back to the babies.
  8. Babies need protection from predators.
  9. One kind of enemy is a Stellar's jay that wants to eat them and will attack.
  10. Even though the parents are gone every day for many hours, the baby murrelets stay safe because they are camouflaged.
  11. Camouflaged means their baby feathers help them blend in with the leaves and shadows of the tree.
  12. After about 30 days, which is one month, the baby picks its feathers off with its beak.
  13. The baby feathers fall onto the tree branches where they rot, or decay.
  14. All the decayed things mix together to make soil for plants to grow in.
  15. The baby bird is not naked! It has beautiful new adult flight feathers.
  16. Now it can fly—to the sea! And be with other Marbled Murrelets.
This teacher sheet is a part of the A Seabird in the Forest lesson.

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