Cicadas Observation

Cicadas Observation


Watching the cicadas in your backyard or a nearby park can help you understand how the species can survive even when a large number of them are eaten by predators—like cats, birds, foxes, dogs, etc.

Take time to observe the cicadas and write down your answers to these questions:

When did you first notice the cicadas?


Where do you notice the cicadas the most (i.e., on trees, on bushes, on flowers, on buildings)?


Why do you think the cicadas seem to prefer that spot?


What physical features do the cicadas have that might help them survive in that environment?


Does it seem to you that there are a large number of cicadas? If so, why do you think they tend to appear in such large numbers?


Can you describe the sounds that the cicadas make?


What types of animals do you see eating the cicadas?


What effect could this increased food supply have on the populations of the predators?


What effect could the influx of cicadas have on the populations of other animals that are normally food sources for the predators?


Does the life cycle of the periodical cicadas affect their ability to survive in a given environment? Why or why not?


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