Cicada Hunter

Cicada Hunter Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Get your parents to help you with this fun activity of hunting cicadas!

The best time to hunt for cicadas would be in the evening, so you may need a flashlight. Remember to be gentle when handling the cicadas and to set them free when you’re done observing them!



• Flashlight
• Gallon glass or plastic jar with lid (make sure to poke holes in the lid)
• Dirt (enough to cover the bottom of the jar)
• Two thick sticks
• Digital camera (if available)


1. Take a clean, gallon glass or plastic jar and spread a layer of dirt on the bottom of it.

2. Place two thick sticks inside the jar.

3. Go outside in the evening with a flashlight and look for cicada nymphs. The best places to look would be along sidewalks and short grass.

4. Collect at the most two cicada nymphs and place them in the jar. Close the jar with the lid (be sure there are small holes in the lid).

5. Take the jar home, but try to keep it outside – on a porch, deck, or balcony.

6. Record what the cicada nymphs look like at this point – either in words or pictures.

7. Observe the cicadas from time to time to see what they are doing. When you notice that they are starting to shed their skins, be sure to stay and watch the change.

8. Record what you see happening on your student sheet – either in words or pictures.

9. If you have a digital camera available, take pictures of the process.

10. In the morning, observe the adult cicadas and describe what you see. Then let the cicadas go!

When making observations, you can either use words or pictures. Use another sheet of paper for your answers if you need it.

1. Describe what the cicada nymphs look like. How many legs do they have? What color are they?




2. Describe what happens while they break out of their shells.



3. Describe what the adult cicada looks like.




4. Describe some of the differences between the young cicada and the adult cicada.



5. Describe some of the things that are the same between the young cicada and the adult cicada.







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