Cicada Hunter Letter to Parents

Cicada Hunter Letter to Parents Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Send this letter home to parents for the Cicada Hunter Lesson.

Dear Parents,

We are currently teaching a lesson in school that has to do with looking at the similarities and differences between parents and offspring, using the periodical cicada as an example. As part of this lesson, we have asked your child to collect some cicada nymphs and place them in a jar for observation. Your child should observe the nymph as it breaks out of its shell and changes into an adult cicada. Your child should be sure to record, in writing or in pictures, what he/she sees happening.

Please do what you can to assist your child with this activity, especially since the hunt for the cicadas should take place in the evening hours. To get information and instructions on how to go about collecting and keeping the cicadas, please refer to the student sheet that your child has brought home.

Your child should complete this activity and turn in his/her observations by _________________.

Thank you for your help with this fun and worthwhile activity!




This teacher sheet is a part of the Changing Cicada lesson.

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