Chicken Life Cycle

Chicken Life Cycle


Have you ever looked at a chicken’s egg and wondered how the chick grew inside the egg and how a chick came out of it? Use the resources on your Keeping Chickens student esheet to watch some videos about the chicken life cycle.

Chicken Embryo Development

How many days does it take a chick to develop in the egg before hatching?


In what part of the egg does the chicken embryo develop?


What parts develop first? What parts develop last?


Have you seen any other animal being born? How is it different from a chicken?



Baby Chick Hatching

What do the chicks use to break out of the egg?


What do they look like when they first come out?


What do they do after they are hatched?



Tilly's Nest - The Chick's Outing

How do they look different than when they first come out of the egg?


What do they sound like?


How do they compare to animals like puppies or kittens who are just born?



Family Fun: Raising Backyard Chickens Together

What are some words that Ms. Caughey uses to describe chickens?


How does she recommend taming and holding chickens?


What do you think chickens need to live?


Do you think it would be fun to raise chickens? What do you think you would like and not like about having chickens?


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