From Cell to DNA Teacher Sheet

From Cell to DNA Teacher Sheet Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Students should answer the questions on the student sheet after viewing the online animation called From Cell to DNA. The short video they will see does not have a pause feature so they should be prepared to watch it more than once in order to answer the questions.

  1. Where in the human cell is the DNA stored?
      It is stored in the nucleus.
  2. Organize the following important terms based on size from smallest to largest: Chromatin, Nucleus, Chromosomes, Cell, Nucleosomes, Bases, DNA double helix.
      Bases, DNA double helix, Nucleosomes, Chromatin, Chromosomes, Nucleus, Cell.
  3. What are the four bases or nucleic acids of DNA and how are they paired together?
      Adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine are the four bases. Adenine and thymine are always paired together; cytosine and guanine are always paired together.
  4. What was the most surprising or interesting thing that you learned from this interactive?
      Answers will vary. Encourage students to explain their answers.
This teacher sheet is a part of the From Cell to DNA lesson.

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