Case Study Homework

Case Study Homework Woodpecker. Photo Credit: by Charles de Mille-Isles (CC BY 2.0) via flickr.


To discover the value of inspiration from nature in engineering and design, use the resources from your From Woodpeckers to Water student esheet to help you prepare a five-slide presentation on your research case study.


Follow these steps to prepare your slide show.

Step 1. Use your student esheet to go to the What is Engineering Problem Solving? website. Study the steps involved in the engineering problem-solving cycle graphic.

Step 2. Inspired by the problem-solving case study from nature the woodpecker provides, use your student esheet to read/or watch the online resources listed for Day 1 Homework.

Step 3. Based on your research in Step 2, create a slide show or Power Point presentation, highlighting and explaining inventive designs engineers have found in nature.

Step 4. Secure the student activity sheet in your personal 3-ring lab binder. 

Slide Show Preparation

Slide 1. Include an introduction to the topic, source and date research material was accessed, your name, title, affiliation, and contact information.

Slide 2. Pictures of your case study with text explaining what it is.

Slide 3. Your research interest statement about your case study. Why does this example appeal to you?

Slide 4. Going deeper…What possibilities does this case study suggest for probing in the water access crisis issue?

Slide 5. Thank your audience and include your name and contact information so they can contribute to the provocative discussions you’ve raised. 

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