Cancer Risks

Cancer Risks Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Use the Cancer Risks student esheet <http://sciencenetlinks.com/esheets/cancer-risks/> to access the online resources that will help you complete this student sheet.


  • What community/communities are being affected by cancer?
  • Who is developing cancer?
  • Explain the alleged causes of cancer according to the article.
  • How have the communities reacted to the high incidence of cancer?
  • How have local government and health agencies responded?
  • What conclusions can you draw from the article about the relationship between cancer and the environment?
  • What other types of information might you need to convince you that these cancers are due to chemicals and pollutants in the environment?

Understanding Gene Testing

  • How do gene mutations occur?
  • What are the factors that can determine the outcome of a gene mutation?
  • Do most cancers result from random mutations in one’s lifetime or from an inherited mutation?

Known and Probable Carcinogens

  • According to the article, what causes cancer?
  • What is a carcinogen?
  • Do all carcinogens act directly on a cell’s DNA?
  • Which two types of cancer studies are described in the article?

What Are the Risk Factors for Developing Cancer?

  • What is a risk factor?
  • Describe some factors that are likely to play a major role in increasing a person’s risk of cancer.
  • What are some behavioral choices that could affect your cancer risk?
  • Describe some environmental factors that are discussed in the article.

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