Caesar's Last Breath

Caesar's Last Breath


Take a breath. It’s something you do all the time, mostly without thinking. But now let’s think about that air you just inhaled. What’s in it? Where did those substances come from? Is the air you just inhaled the same as the air your ancestors breathed in 100 years ago? 400 years ago? What have scientists learned from studying the air? And how have scientists and engineers used that knowledge to change our world? Use the resource on the Caesar's Last Breath student esheet to help you answer the questions on this sheet.

Caesar's Last Breath and the Fascinating Science and HIstory of the Air We Breathe

How does the air you're breathing right now compare to what it was when the Rarth had just formed? What about when life first evolved?


What kinds of events or processes were involved in shaping the atmosphere?

  • First Atmosphere:


  • Second Atmosphere:


  • Third Atmosphere:


  • Fourth Atmosphere:


What motivated Einstein to work on refrigerators?


What were the three types of refrigerators Einstein and Szilard invented?


Why didn't Einstein's refrigerator become a common household appliance?


What were some of the impacts of the refrigeration solution?



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