Beanbag Toss

Beanbag Toss


Now that you've seen the force of gravity in action in a game, you get to do your own beanbag toss activity to see this force at work.

Once you are in your group, do the following:
With your classmates, find an area that gives you about five feet of throwing room. Make a
“target” by crisscrossing the tape on the floor.

Each person in your group will toss the beanbag three times to try to make the target. It’s o.k. if
some people in your group don’t hit the target exactly.

While you watch the other people in your group toss the bag, write two to five sentences to answer each question:

1.  What always happens to the beanbag, no matter how it is thrown?



2.  Why does this predictable “thing” always happen?



3.  Does earth need to touch the bag to pull it down?



4.  What is the force that gets the beanbag from your classmates’ hands into the air?



5.  When the force of the throw changes, does the motion of the beanbag change? Describe.



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